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Nagpur: Futala Lake 26 Jan 2012 Photo

Thursday, 26 January 2012

New Delhi India Gate Republic Day 2012 Beautiful india Photo

Nagpur India’s Grand Buddha Festival 2012,

We takeWe take pleasure in inviting you to ‘Grand Buddha Festival’ starting this month from  26th to 29th January 2012 at Diksha Bhoomi grounds, Nagpur (India). Please watch the Promotion Video that affirms  the Vision of the  Buddha  Festival.

This is the second year of this festival. In the year 2011, in its very first year, the festival was planned on a grand scale and was attended by over 30,000 people in a span of four days – from 6th to 9th January 2011.

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The festival was conceptualized with the aim of celebrating and propagating Buddhist teachings, art, culture and heritage. The programs at the festival were also designed to fulfill the main aim behind the festival. It  includes performances such as music, dance and drama by professional artists as well as competitions such as drawings, paper presentations to induct  new generation into the teachings of the Lord Buddha. The festival  being a formidable event in the Buddhist calendar of India. This year – equipped with learning from last year – the ‘Grand Buddha Festival Organising Team’ wishes to make the 4-day event even better. The team  is global  in composition and outlook and it intends to attract  thousands of  Buddhists from diffrent traditions. pleasure in inviting you to ‘Grand Buddha Festival’ starting this month from  26th to 29th January 2012 at Diksha Bhoomi grounds, Nagpur (India). Please watch the Promotion Video that affirms  the Vision of the  Buddha  Festival.

This is the second year of this festival. In the year 2011, in its very first year, the festival was planned on a grand scale and was attended by over 30,000 people in a span of four days – from 6th to 9th January 2011.

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Nagpur 26th January Republic Day

  26th January 1950 is one of the most important days in Indian history as it was on this day the constitution of India came into force and India became a truly sovereign state. In this day India became a totally republican unit. The country finally realized the dream of Mahatma Gandhi and the numerous freedom fighters who, fought for and sacrificed their lives for the Independence of their country. So, the 26th of January was decreed a national holiday and has been recognized and celebrated as the Republic Day of India, ever since.

   Today, the Republic Day is celebrated with much enthusiasm all over the country and especially in the capital, New Delhi where the celebrations start with the Presidential to the nation. The beginning of the occasion is always a solemn reminder of the sacrifice of the martyrs who died for the country in the freedom movement and the succeeding wars for the defense of sovereignty of their country. Then, the President comes forward to award the medals of bravery to the people from the armed forces for their exceptional courage in the field and also the civilians, who have distinguished themselves by their different acts of valour in different situations.

   To mark the importance of this occasion, every year a grand parade is held in the capital, from the Rajghat, along the Vijaypath. The different regiments of the army, the Navy and the Air force march past in all their finery and official decorations even the horses of the cavalry are attractively caparisoned to suit the occasion. The crème of N.C.C cadets, selected from all over the country consider it an honour to participate in this event, as do the school children from various schools in the capital. They spend many days preparing for the event and no expense is spared to see that every detail is taken care of, from their practice for the drills, the essential props and their uniforms.

   The parade is followed by a pageant of spectacular displays from the different states of the country. These moving exhibits depict scenes of activities of people in those states and the music and songs of that particular state accompany each display. Each display brings out the diversity and richness of the culture of India and the whole show lends a festive air to the occasion. The parade and the ensuing pageantry is telecast by the National Television and is watched by millions of viewers in every corner of the country.

   The patriotic fervor of the people on this day brings the whole country together even in her essential diversity. Every part of the country is represented in occasion, which makes the Republic Day the most popular of all the national holidays of India

Monday, 16 January 2012

Nagpur City 20th COMP-EX 2012 from 12 - 16 Jan

Nagpur City 20th COMP-EX 2012  from 12 - 16 Jan

Computers companies that  in Hardware, Software or IT solutions, participate in CompEx to showcase their products and services.

Date: Jan 12 2012 to Jan 16 2012
Venue: Ladies Club Lawns, Civil Lines, Nagpu

For more details, please check the official websites

Friday, 13 January 2012

Good news for Nagpur: Times Ascent Job Fair starts on Friday

NAGPUR: With a purpose to reach out to the city youth, a job fair has been organized by Times Ascent in association with Persistence International Institute of Management (PIIM) on January 13 and 14. To be held at Naivedhyam Celebration Centre, opposite NIT Swimming Pool, North Ambazari Road, the fair aims to provide an avenue where jobseekers can meet, interact, and interview with several top employers under one roof.
The fair will be inaugurated by Nagpur University's vice-chancellor Vilas Sapkal and the organizers are confident that job aspirants will benefit from the variety of sectors and companies being represented.
The timings of the job fair will be from 10.30am to 6.30pm. Times Ascent is a supplement of The Times of India which is published every Wednesday and features advertisements of jobs at all levels in India and abroad. The supplement also has articles that give an insight into human resources and corporate life.
The job fair will feature several top companies like aXYKno, DP Jain and Company Infrastructure, Gupta Group, ITM edutech, IT Mystix, Krishna Belts Pvt Ltd, Murli Industries, NIIT, NIT Graduate School of Management, Orange City Water, PIE, Raisoni Group, Satvik Group, Sikkim Manipal University, SMS, Vishwaraj Infrastructure, Virtual Galaxy and Vive Institute of IT & Management Studies looking for skilled workers in several fields.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Nagpur Job Fresher Openings: Marketing Managers in Nagpur

Fresher Opening – Marketing Executive
Experience: 0-1 years
Location: Nagpur
CTC: Not Mentioned
Education: Undergraduation – Any
Post Graduation – Any/Not Required
Industry Type: Semiconductors/Electronics
Role: Direct Marketing Manager
Functional Area: Marketing, Advertising, MR, PR
Company name: RFIC Solutions
Executive Name: Ms. Payal
Email Address:
Telephone: Not Mentioned

Friday, 6 January 2012

Nagpur's 24-hour Heart attack Helpline

Nagpur's 24-hour Heart attack Helpline

(0712) 2244844      ,6534444

WOCKHARDT  Heart Hospital

27, Corporation Colony,North Ambazari Road,Nagpur.


24 Hour Cardiac Ambulance Service

Doctors in Nagpur

List of  some main Doctors in Nagpur

1.    Dr. Uday Mahurkar (Cardiac)    2558699
2.    Dr.Jaspal Arneja(Cardiac)    2548721
3.    Shrikrishna Heart Care(Cardiac)    2544434
4.    Dr. Vikas Bisane    2530313
5.    Rainbow Medinova    2557398
6.    Laherwani Diabetis Care    3090218
7.    Dr. Varun Bhargav    2238006
8.    Dr. Arundhati Bhave(Gyanic)    2230347
9.    Dr. P. C. Marpakarwar(Cardiac)    2246814
10.    Dr. P. K. Deshpande    2533777
11.    Shivganga Hospital    2547084
12.    Dr. G. M. Taori(Neuro)    2225866
13.    Dr. Sanjay Ramteke(Neuro)    2558303
14.    Dr. Mukund Bhaheti(Neuro)    2520590
15.    Dr. Vishram Buche(Pedistrition)    2534650
16.    Dr. Shyam Babhulkar(Neuro)    2246359
17.    Dr. Prakash Khetan(Nefro)    2522408
18.    Dr. S. J. Aacharya(Nefro)    2525974
19.    Dr. Rajendra chandak    2768895
20.    Dr. Jayprakash Baraskar(Cancer)    2559859
21.    Dr. Rajesh Soni(Uro)    2527103
22.    Dr. Narendra Mehta(Uro)    2541514
23.    Dr. Vikram Marvah(Ortho)    2520668
24.    Dr. Sudhir Babhulkar(Ortho)    2524062
25.    Dr. Sanjeev Golher(ENT)    2521989
26.    Dr. Naresh Agrawal(ENT)    5617044
27.    Dr. Madan Kapare(ENT)    2537117
28.    Dr. Sudha Sutariya    2524188
29.    Dr. Praful Mokadam    2525869
30.    Dr. Prashant Agnihotri    2563096
31.    Dr. Sharad Pendse    2521898
32.    Dr. Upendra Mishra    2744755
33.    Dr. Chandrashekhar Gillurkar    2751144
34.    Dr. Sudhir Neral(Radio)    2536629
35.    Dr. Vinod Adabe    2534833
34.    Dr. Ashok Adhau    2764514
35.    Dr. Prashant Agnihotri(Eye)    2563096
36.    Dr. Mukund Oak(Eye)    2451377
37.    Dr. Shashank Bhole(Pedistrition)    2523685
38.    Dr. Vikky Rughawani    2643192
39.    Dr. Rohini Dravid(Gyanic)    2224029
40.    Dr. Nirmala Mokadam    2531118
41.    Dr. Sunita Mujumdar    2249136
42.    Dr. Shrikant Mukewar    2530511
43.    Dr. Prachi Mate    2755111
44.    Dr. Dilip Dhande    2520654
45.    Dr. Sudhir Deshmukh    2225375
46.    Dr. Sharad Deshmukh(Cardiac)    2530460
47.    Dr. Milind Dharmadikari(Patho)    2238948
48.    Dr. Makarand Dhopaokar    2247676
49.    Dr. Mahesh Phulwane(Cardiac)    2544434
50.    Dr. Vivek Gadge(Ortho)    2545509
51.    Dr. Vinod Gandhi    2521340
52.    Dr. Ajay Garg(Chest)    2767606)

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Nagpur 31 Night Nagpur Youth on road

'मला जाऊ द्या ना घरी. आता वाजले की बारा' म्हणत 'थर्टी फस्र्ट' साजरा करून २0११ हे वर्ष इतिहासजमा झाले. मोबाईलच्या स्क्रीनवर 00.00 ही वेळ दिसताच आबालवृद्धांनी २0१२ चे धडाक्यात स्वागत केले. विशेष म्हणजे, सायंकाळपासूनच रिमझिम पावसाची पावलं उपराजधानीच्या रस्त्यांवर खेळून गेली होती. त्यामुळे, रस्त्यावरची गर्दी किंचित कमी झाली तरी वातावरणात खराखुरा नवेपणा पसरून गेला.
दुपारपासूनच तरुणांचे मोबाईल एंगेज झाले होते. कुठे भेटायचे, काय करायचे, काय घ्यायचे आणि कुणाला काय द्यायचे.. मोबाईल टू मोबाईल 'प्लॅनिंग' पक्के झाले होते. रात्री, फुटाळा तलाव, शंकरनगर, धरमपेठ, गोकुळपेठ, सदर बाजार, वर्धमाननगर, व्हेरायटी चौक अशा मोक्याच्या ठिकाणी तरुणांचे जत्थे जमले. दरवर्षीच्या अनुभवांवरून पोलिसांनीही अनेक ठिकाणी शिपाई तैनात केले होते. शंकरनगर ते लॉ कॉलेज चौकापर्यंतच्या रस्त्यांवरील छोट्या छोट्या रस्त्यांवरील वाहतूक सायंकाळपासूनच अडविण्यात आली होती