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RESULT OF 28TH EXTERNAL SUB-OFFICERS National Fire Service College, Nagpur

Government of India
Ministry of Home Affairs

National Fire Service College, Nagpur


NEW RULES FOR SO,STO & D.O COURSES W.E.F.01/07/2012Click Here

Vacancies at Debts Recovery Tribunal for SSC Passed candidates. Apply Before 23rd August,2011

Name of the Government Organization: Debts Recovery Tribunal
Applications are invited for filling up the following posts:-
Job Designation: Lower Division Clerk
Number of Position: 02 (Two)
(1.) Holding analogous posts on regular basis OR
(2.) LDC with 8 years regular service in the Pay Band 5200-20200 + GP 1900 or equivalent.
Maximum Age Limit: 56 Years
How To Apply For Opening: Application addressed to the undersigned on above address duly completed in all respects should reach within 45 days from the date of publication of this notification.
Last Date To Apply: 23rd August,2011
Contact Address: Debts Recovery Tribunal ,2nd Floor,’B’ Block,C.G.O. Complex,Seminary Hills,Nagpur-440006
Contact Number: 2510122/2510062

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Nagpur Ketaki Mategaonkar playing lead role in Marathi Movie Shaalaa

Ketaki Mategaonkar the 12th standard student, who few years ago entertained the audience with her magical voice on Zee TV’s popular musical show, is now playing a lead role of a perfect school going 9th standard teenager in Sujay Dahake’s much awaited Marathi film ‘Shala’( School), which is all set to release on 20th January 2012 all over Maharashtra.

A great moment for Nagpurians, Ketki Mategaonkar is playing lead Role Actress in Marathi Movie "Shaalaa". She is a daughter of renown singer from Nagpur "Suvarna Mategaonkar"

Saturday, 21 April 2012

MAH CET 2012: Application Form and MH-CET Exam Date Nagpur

MH CET 2012 - Maharashtra Common Entrance Test 2012 Application Form and Information

Applications are invited for MAH-MBA/MMS-CET 2012 for admission to First Year of two-year Full Time Post Graduate Degree Courses in MBA/MMS and PGDBM/PGDM in the Government, University Managed, University Departments and Unaided Institutes in the Maharashtra State.Eligibility Criteria:-
Candidates should be Passed with minimum of 50% marks in aggregate or equivalent CGPA (45% in case of candidates of backward class categories and physically handicap belonging to Maharashtra State only) in any Bachelor’s degree awarded by any of the Universities incorporated by an act of the central or state legislature in India or other educational institutions established by an act of Parliament or declared to be deemed as a University under Section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956 of minimum three years duration in any discipline recognised by the Association of Indian Universities, or possess an equivalent qualification recognized by the Ministry of HRD, Government of India.
How to Apply:-
•Aspiring candidates will be able to submit and confirm the Online Application form through the web site through any computer connected to Internet.
•For the submission and confirmation of the online Application Form the candidates are required to use the Application ID and Password provided in the Application Kit.
•Candidates are also required to upload his/her photo and signature as per the instructions given in the Application Kit. Candidates are advised to preserve the Application Kit carefully and not to disclose the Application ID & Password to others to avoid impersonation.
Important Dates:-
EventsOpening DatesClosing Dates
Sale of the Information Brochure at identified branches of Axis Bank Ltd.01-02-201218-02-2012
Online submission of the “CET Application Form”01-02-201218-02-2012
Up to 5:00pm
Date and timing of the MAH-MBA/MMS-CET 201211-03-2012 (2.00 p.m.)
Declaration of the results of the MAH-MBA/MMS-CET 201216-04-2012
at 5.00 p.m.
Registration for the Group Discussions(GD) and Personal Interviews(PI) and receipt of call letter19-04-201230-04-2012
Up to 5:00pm
Conduct of GD and PI10-05-201231-05-2012
Submission of the Work Experience Certificate10-05-201221-05-2012
Up to 5:00pm
Document verification, updation and confirmation of Application Form for Admission10-05-201231-05-2012
Display of the provisional merit lists16-06-2012 at 5.00 p.m.
Submission of grievance, if any, for Maharashtra, All India and J&K candidates, at respective ARC18-06-2012
up to 5.00 p.m
Display of the final merit lists25-06-2012 at 5.00 p.m.
For more information visit

World Creativity & Innovation Day

(world creativity and innovation day) 
आपल्या कल्पकतेने सतत प्रयोग करीत असलेल्या, नावीन्याचा शोध घेणार्‍या प्रतिभावंत मुलांच्या सर्जनशीलतेचा या दिवसाचे निमित्त साधून घेतलेला हा वेध.. 
प्रत्येक गोष्ट प्रत्येकाला एकसारखीच दिसत असली तरी काही लोकांची नजर त्यातून वेगळे काही शोधू पाहते. उत्सुकता आणि कुतूहल अशा माणसांना जगाकडे पाहण्याची आगळी नजर देत असते. ही नजरच शास्त्रज्ञ घडविते. प्रयोगशील प्रवृत्तीतून घडलेली एखादी कलाकृती जसा मनाला आनंद देते, तसाच एखादा शास्त्रीय शोध जीवनाला सुकरता बहाल करते. 'लोकमत'ने नागपुरातील अशा काही प्रयोगशील मुलांचा शोध घेतला तेव्हा सर्जनशीलतेची खाणच सापडली. त्या खाणीतल्या काही हिर्‍यांची ही ओळख. मानवी जीवनाला कल्पकतेने सुखद आणि विस्मयकारक कलाटणी देणार्‍या जगभरातल्या कल्पक माणसांचा हा गोतावळा. जगाला अहिंसेचे तत्त्वज्ञान देणारे बापू या चित्रात आहेत अन् निरनिराळे शास्त्रीय शोध लावून मानवी जीवन सुसह्य करणारे आईनस्टाईनही त्यात दिसतात. हे कल्पचित्र नेमके कोणत्या चित्रकाराचे आहे, याचा निश्‍चित शोध लागलेला नसला तरी हे चित्र त्याच्या सर्जनशीलतेचा परिचय ठरावे. या चित्रकाराचे नाव तुम्हाला ठाऊक असल्यास जरूर कळवा.

AIEEE 2012 Admit Card for nagpur Student

AIEEE 2012

AIEEE 2012 off-line exam will be conducted on April 29, 2012 and on-line exam will be conducted from date May 07, 2012 to May 26, 2012. Students who are going to appear in India's most competitive engineering entrance exam can be downloaded their admit card from official website . Students will receive admit card till April 6, 2012.
Click on the link to know the status of receipt of confirmation

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

High-Profile Sex Racket In Nagpur सेक्स रॅकेटचे प्रतिष्ठितांना जाळ्यात अडकविण्याचे प्रयत्न

नागपूर शहरातील प्रतिष्ठित व्यक्तींना वेगवेगळी आमिषे देऊन 'सेक्स रॅकेटच्या मायाजालात' अडकविण्याचे प्रयत्न हायप्रोफाईल भामट्यांनी सुरू केले आहे. दिल्लीतील बदमाशांची एक टोळी हे काम करीत असल्याची माहिती चौकशीअंती समोर आली आहे. उपराजधानीतील नामवंतांवर या भामट्यांनी आपले जाळे फेकले असून, फसलेल्यांपैकी काहींकडून लाखो रुपये उकळल्याचीही चर्चा आहे.
इंग्रजी, हिंदी, गुजराती, मद्रासी, तेलगू, बंगाली आणि देशातील अन्य भाषा अस्खलित बोलणार्‍या या हायप्रोफाईल भामट्यांनी 'रोयाल इंटरनॅशनल' नामक कंपनीच्या बॅनरखाली आपला गोरखधंदा सुरू केला आहे. देशभरातील विविध महानगरातील गर्भश्रीमंत, उद्योगपती, व्यापारी, डॉक्टर, वकील, प्राध्यापक तसेच समाजातील सर्वच स्तरातील लब्धप्रतिष्ठितांना त्यांनी आपले टार्गेट केले आहे. या भामट्यांचा त्यांच्या मोबाईलवर मॅसेज येतो. 'मैत्री करा.. मौजमजा करा बिनधास्त.. संपर्क करा..!' खाली मोबाईल क्रमांकही दिलेले असतात. स्वाभाविकपणे खुल्या निमंत्रणाद्वारे वैषयिक भावनांना हवा दिली जात असल्यामुळे काही जण 'त्या' नंबरवर संपर्क करतात. यावेळी संपर्क करणार्‍यांचे नाव, गाव, शिक्षण, व्यवसाय, जीवनमान, छंद आणि वार्षिक उलाढाल याबाबत चौकशी केली जाते. हे सर्व वदवून घेतल्यानंतर 'कैसा माल होना'अशी विचारणा केली जाते. त्यानंतर आमच्या क्लबमध्ये मॉडेल, एअर होस्टेस, फॅशन डिझायनर्स, ज्यांचे पती विदेशात सर्व्हिस करतात किंवा ज्यांचे पती टूरच्या निमित्ताने बाहेर असतात,अशा सर्वच महिला- मुली उपलब्ध असल्याचे सांगितले जाते. तुम्ही राहात असलेल्या ठिकाणी किंवा तुम्ही ज्या महानगरात म्हणाल तेथे (तेथील) 'तुम्हाला त्या ललना उपलब्ध होऊ शकतात', असा दावाही केला जातो.
'आपण पुण्यात राहतो', असे सांगितले आणि तेथे कोण आहेत,अशी विचारणा केली तर ते लगेच तुमची बोलणी करून देतो, असे म्हणून फोन कापतात. परत पाच-दहा मिनिटांनी फोन येतो. 'पुणा के ... येरियांमे 'मॅम' रहती है, आपको आज चाहिए तो मिटींग हो सकती है, असे सांगून तिचा 'बायोडाटा'सांगितला जातो. 'गुड लुकिंग है..बडे घर की है.. आप मिटींग करवा लिजीए. सब बढिया है', असे सांगतानाच 'किसी को पता भी नही चलेंगा.. ना आपके वो गले पडेंगी', असा विश्‍वास देऊन आश्‍वस्तही केले जाते. उपराजधानीत अशा प्रकारे अनेकांना मॅसेज आले असून, अनेकांशी विविध ललनांचे मधाळ संभाषणही झाले आहे.
ललनाची सलगी
'तिच्याशी' काही वेळेनंतर बोलणीही करून दिली जातात. पाच दहा मिनिटातच 'कॉन्फरन्सिंग कॉल'वर ती येते. अतिशय मधाळ आवाजात ती तुम्हाला हाय हॅलो करते. तिला आधीच आपल्या नावाची आणि आपल्याला तिची माहिती 'फ्रेण्डस् क्लबवाल्याने' दिली असल्यामुळे एकेरीतच ती आपल्याला साद घालते. अगदी घायाळ हरिणीच्या अविर्भावात मधाळ आवाजात ती सलगी साधते, 'आज मौसम कितना सुहाना है.. बट, बहोत बोर हो रही हू.. क्या शेड्युल्ड है आपका', वगैरे विचारून लगेच 'मै आऊं या आप आओंगे मुझसे मिलने', असा थेट सवालही करते. बराच वेळ कलिजा खलास करणारे संभाषण चालते. नंतर आपल्याला नंबर विचारण्याच्या भानगडीत पडण्याऐवजी स्वत:च 'आप फ्री होणे के बाद तुरंत संपर्क करे.. असे म्हणत आपला मोबाईल नंबर सांगण्याचा प्रयत्न करते. अन्..' कॉन्फरन्सिगवरून तिला कटवले जाते. वो नंबर मै आपको दुंगा.. असे म्हणत हा 'फ्रेण्ड' मुख्य मुद्यावर येतो.
दिल्लीतून होते संचालन
देशभरात मायाजाल पसरलेल्या या रॅकेटचे दिल्लीतून संचालन होते. त्यात केवळ पुरुषच नव्हे तर महिला-मुलींचाही मोठा भरणा असल्याचे जाणवते आहे. लब्धप्रतिष्ठितांना जाळ्यात अडकवले जात असल्यामुळे अनेकदा त्याची हाकबोंबही होत नाही. कुणाला ब्लॅकमेल केले जात असेल तरी लोकलाजेखातर कुणी ओरड अथवा तक्रार करीत नाही 'वन इयर, या लाईफ टाइम
तिच्याशी मिटींग करण्यापूर्वी तुम्हाला आमच्या क्लबची मेंबरशिप मिळवावी लागेल. वर्षभरासाठी १५ हजार तर आयुष्यभरासाठी २५ हजार रुपये जमा केले की 'अशा अनेकींचे तुम्हाला नंबर्स मिळतील', असेही सांगितले जाते.अँक्सिस बँकेचा अकाउंट नंबर दिला जातो. या अकाउंटमध्ये रक्कम भरल्यानंतर लगेच तुमची मिटींग फिक्स करून दिली जाणार असल्याचे वारंवार ठासून सांगितले जाते. पुणे, नागपुरातील अनेक नामवंत आमचे सदस्य असून, त्यांना नियमित सेवा दिली जात असल्याचाही दावा केला जातो.

 News Source: Lokmat

AICTE approves 17 new technical institutes in Maharashtra

The AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) has approved the applications of 17 new technical institutes in Maharashtra. These technical institutes will become functional from 2012-13.
AICTE received 669 applications for new institutes which included polytechnics, engineering, management, architecture, pharmacy and applied arts colleges. Out of these, 76 applications including 17 from Maharashtra have been approved. All others have been rejected.
The AICTE commenced its approval process for the academic year 2012-13 by inviting online proposals between October and December previous year. These proposals were scrutinized between January and March 2012.
Sources from AICTE revealed that out of the 669 applications, 307 were for new polytechnic colleges and rest was for post graduate and degree colleges for management, engineering and other technical courses. One hundred and nineteen applications were received from Maharashtra state.
The state government of Maharashtra had earlier requested in written to AICTE to not to approve any proposal for new technical institutes as large number of seats are going vacant since last few years in the state.
Presently, there are about 325 engineering institutes in Maharashtra with a collective intake capacity of more than 1.2 lakh students. Nearly 20000 seats have gone vacant in last 2 years in the engineering colleges in Maharashtra.
Sources from AICTE revealed that it received the letter from state government but implying a sudden hold on the approval process is not feasible considering the time taken by any institute to reach the level where it can apply for approval.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Nagpur 14TH October The Anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar

14TH October  The Anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar’s Historic Conversion to Buddhism

This 14th October will be the 51st anniversary of the historic and unique religious conversion of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar to Buddhism. It was indeed a historic event which has no parallel in the history of the world as far as religion and change of faith is concerned. On a single day, Dr.Ambedkar’s 500,000 followers embraced Buddhism following in the footsteps of their leader. No religious leader, preacher has ever been successful in convincing so many people on a single occasion to change religious faith. This happened 51 years ago. Further it set the ball rolling for the Buddhist movement in India. It was the homecoming for Buddhism back to the country of its birth in the true sense.
This conversion ceremony was conducted at the place which is now called as “Deeksha Bhoomi” in the heart of Nagpur. It is spread over an area of 14 acres. A large stupa is constructed at Deeksha Bhoomi as a memorial to Dr. Ambedkar’s services to the untouchable community in particular and the 70% Shudra population in India. Ever since the conversion ceremony of 14th October 1956, the Deeksha Bhoomi has become a pilgrimage for the newly convert Buddhists. It has become a rallying point a place to show their strength. Every year more than 2 million people assemble at Deeksha Bhoomi. In the early years, it is only the people from all over Maharashtra used to visit Deeksha Bhoomi. Now it has taken a national outlook. People from all states visit this historic place.
Deeksha Bhoomi holds more than 1000 stalls of book sellers, sellers of Dr.Ambedkar’s photos, Buddha’s photos, statues. Most of the SC/ST office employee organization put up their stalls and provide services of different nature to make the 2 day stay of the visiting rural people as comfortable as possible. Many a stalls are put up to provide guidance and advise to the needy people in terms of their health needs, their career needs. Then there are numerous food stalls providing free food to the people who travel with minimum resources. Doctors, from the Ambedkarite community, put up 5-6 stalls, not just to provide on the spot medical services, but provide check ups through specialist services. Hence people look forward to 14th October, for receiving specialist services free of cost. It is indeed a place for a researcher, an observer, an analyzer to visit and convince himself/herself the vitality and vibrancy of Dr.Ambedkar’s movement. The event passes very peacefully without any need for patrolling by police. This is yet another feature of this event.

Why did Dr.Ambedkar select Nagpur for this historic conversion to Buddhism? Nagpur and its surrounding area has always been a stronghold of Dr. Ambedkar’s movement. Whenever Dr. Ambedkar looked for strength, he always looked towards Nagpur. Hence to make his religious conversion to Buddhism as successful event, the choice obviously fell for Nagpur as Dr. Ambedkar knew that he could easily show a strong strength for conversion at Nagpur. Conversion to Buddhism was a commitment which Dr.Ambedkar made 21 years ago, in 1935, when he declared at Yeola that “He was born as a Hindu, which he had no control on, but he will not die as a Hindu”. On 14th October 1956, Dr. Ambedkar fulfilled his long standing vow. The question, people do raise, “Why Dr. Ambedkar did took so long to fulfill this vow of converting from Hinduism?” Dr. Ambedkar basically wanted to make this leaving Hinduism a mass activity and not just a personal activity. As a personal activity, it would have been easy for Dr. Ambedkar; but for the religious conversion a successful mass conversion, he needed to study different religions, make their comparison. Also study these religions as to what are its basic tenets as well as its current practice. To convince himself before Dr. Ambedkar embraced Buddhism, he undertook journey to neighboring Buddhist countries like Sri Lanka, Myanmar etc. He even made a visit to Rome to discuss the pros and cons of conversion to Christianity. So his conversion to Buddhism was a well-thought-of act. As he says, “

"------Question of religion is the most difficult and a very serious question. It is a matter of enormous responsibility, really to educate the people in regard to the merits of this religion and to inculcate in the people the habit of behaving according to the principles of the Dhamma. There is no other person who had to shoulder so grave a responsibility, nor do I think will anybody be called upon to shoulder such a heavy responsibility in future.”

Then one of the salient aspects of Dr.Ambedkar’s scheme of conversion to Buddhism was to write a bible like concise book for the people to follow. Just few days prior to his death, Dr.Ambedkar did fulfil this requirement by completing his magnus opem, “Buddha and His Dhamma”. This book indeed provided a much needed relief and clarity to the people to follow Buddha’s Dhamma. Over 2500 years of its history, Buddhism was spread into different cultures of world. Hence Buddhist principles, its beliefs, and practises have undergone changes which varied from place to place. Dr.Ambedkar has the tremendous task to find out what is the local culture superimposed on Buddhist principles and what are the actual tenets of Buddhism. He then reviewed and accepted for his people and for himself the original principles/philosophy of Buddhism without the rituals; so much so that the traditional Buddhists took it as yet another school of thought of Buddhism as propounded by Dr.Ambedkar – something close to Dr.Ambedkar’s Buddhism.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Nagpur Unlimited Opening for BPO

Fluent in Local Language

Experience: 0 - 3 Months

Job Function: Operations / Customer Service / Telecalling / Backend

Industry: BPO / INSURANCE / Telecom

Qualification: School & Graduation - Any Graduate

Perks: Fixed Incentive

Vacancies: 10

Job Description

Description : Candidate should possess excellent oral and written communication skills Candidate with good customer service skills would be preferred Candidate should have 0 - 3 months of experience in Customer Support Voice Process. Prior experience in Customer Service industry will be an added advantage .Should be open to work in UK shifts. Dealing with Domestic & International Clients Responsible for dealing with Clients Queries Interested walk-in Mon-Sat between 11Am to 6Pm.

Desired Candidate Profile:

Please find the suitable openings from above & call Between 10 AM to 6:00 PM

3WS 99709 45415, 93729 98334. 0712 3211240

Executive Assistant Admin civil Nagpur

"Will be responsible in assisting the Director, Taking phone calls, setting appointments, Handling all correspondence, Handling all emails and following up with team members on various issues etc
Salary:Not Disclosed by Recruiter
Industry:Construction, Engineering, Cement, Metals
Functional Area:Secretary, Front Off, Data Entry
Role:Secretary/ PA

Desired Candidate Profile
Education:(UG - Any Graduate - Any Specialization) AND (PG - MBA/PGDM)
"Graduate with at least 2 years as an executive assistant, Should have extremely good written and spoken english skills, Should be hardworking, Should be conversant with xls and powerpoint, Knowledge of short hand an added advantage

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Thursday, 5 April 2012

Nagpur 1 dead, 4 injured as car mows down people on Sitabuldi main road

A person driving down the wrong way on the one-way Sitabuldi main road caused the death of one man and left four, including a woman, injured early on Wednesday morning. A businessman from Mumbai lost his life in the incident while his 20-year-old helper sustained serious injuries.

The deceased, Jignesh Mehta (41), from Kandivali in Mumbai, had come to city with helper Bhavin Shah on Tuesday night.

The Innova first hit a cycle rickshaw, then a morning walker and finally a two-wheeler before the fleeing the spot. Eyewitnesses have Sitabuldi police the car's registration number as 7616.

Cops claimed that they have given the registration number to Regional Transport office (RTO) to get an address. "We are trying to find the owner," said Sitabuldi police.

Shah, who is undergoing treatment at Lata Mangeshkar hospital near Variety Square, told the cops that not only was the car driver heading down the wrong direction, he took a sharp turn while coming from Manas Square. "Since it was a one-way road, all other vehicles and pedestrians were heading towards the car. He took the turn and failed to control the car, leading a collision with the rickshaw," said Shah.

Shah and Mehta, who were staying at a lodge near Sitabuldi, were travelling in the rickshaw. The car hit the right side of the rickshaw. Mehta was seated on the right side, and was flung some distance away on the road. Mehta was declared brought dead at Lata Mangeshkar Hospital, said police.

Rickshaw puller Haridas and Shah were also seriously injured. Eyewitnesses claimed that in a bid to escape from the public's wrath, the driver speeded the vehicle further and drove in a zigzag manner, hitting morning walker Sheela Bante and a two-wheeler. Police said the car driver fled towards Variety Square.

On being alerted by passersby, Sitabuldi police reached the spot and rushed the injured to nearby hospital.

Later reports said that the same car hit another vehicle near Maharajbagh square.

Recently, a four-wheeler driven by an under-age boy had claimed the lives of two ITI students near Kriplani Turning at Rahate Colony square. On last Sunday, 18-year-old standard XII girl was killed by a Starbus. Taking note of the rising number of road mishaps, police chief Ankush Dhanvijay has issued strict orders to take action against traffic violators.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Vidarbha leaders death of NKP Salve

Nagpur: Leaders across political spectrum from Maharashtra have expressed grief over demise of veteran Congress leader NKP Salve who was staunch protagonist of the movement for separate Vidarbha state.

Narendra Kumar Salve, better known as NKP Salve, passed away at a private hospital in Delhi due to age-related illness early this morning. He was 90.

"In his (Salve's) death, the movement for separate Vidarbha state has suffered a huge setback. His contribution to the Vidarbha movement was great and region has lost a great leader of his stature," BJP president Nitin Gadkari said in his condolence message.

Nagpur: Leaders across political spectrum from Maharashtra have expressed grief over demise of veteran Congress leader NKP Salve who was staunch protagonist of the movement for separate Vidarbha state.

Narendra Kumar Salve, better known as NKP Salve, passed away at a private hospital in Delhi due to age-related illness early this morning. He was 90.

"In his (Salve's) death, the movement for separate Vidarbha state has suffered a huge setback. His contribution to the Vidarbha movement was great and region has lost a great leader of his stature," BJP president Nitin Gadkari said in his condolence message.

His dream for creation of separate Vidarbha State could not materialise during his lifetime which he had regretted quite often, Muttemwar said.

Minister for Social Justice and Gaurdian Minister of Nagpur, Shivajirao Moghe said Salve remained loyal to Congress party throughout his life and dedicated himself to the cause of development of Vidarbha. "His death has created a vaccum in public life," he said.

Expressing grief, former MP Banwarilal Purohit said Salve's death was a great loss to Vidarbha in general and Nagpur in particular.

"The nation has lost a scholarly politician and an astute Parliamentarian. He carved out a niche for himself at national level and excelled in all portfolios he handled," Purohit said.

Former Maharashtra state unit president Ranjeet Deshmukh, who manages a private medical college named after Salve, described the former BCCI president as a "great visionary and staunch advocate of separate Vidarbha".

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