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Nagpur Hysteroscopy Carnival' from Nov 29

with an aim to create public awareness about Hysteroscopy, Central India Test Tube Baby Centre in collaboration with Nagpur Obstetric and Gynecological Society and Organisation has organised a two-day carnival christened as 'Nagpur Hysteroscopy Carnival' on November 29 and 30 at Hotel Centre Point, Ramdaspeth.
In a press conference on Wednesday chairperson of the carnival and director of central India Test Tube Baby Centre and Deshmukh Hospital Dr Sushma Deshmukh informed that hysteroscopy is a type of endoscopic procedure performed in females by putting up hysteroscope in the uterine cavity to inspect it and that magnified image, we can see on the monitor so that we get the minute details of the uterine cavity.
Director of Get-Well Hospital Dr Sudhir Deshmukh said that hysteroscopy is becoming popular investigation because of its rewarding results, specially in infertile and recurrent pregnancy loss patients. Prevalence of septum with recurrent pregnancy loss with reported spontaneous abortion is 26-94 per cent with the help of hysteroscope we can divide the septum with minimal or no anesthesia. 
Uterine bleeding per vaginum comprises 30-40 per cent of all gynecological conditions. Incidence of uterine fibroid is 20-70 per cent. Out of that submucous myomas. (Incidence varies from 16.6-55 per cent). Prevalence of endometrial polyps in females is 25 per cent which is also an important factor causing irregular and heavy bleeding. With the help of hysteroscopy which is a minimal invasive surgery we can remove the polyps, fibroids without opening the abdomen and save the uterus. 
It may be mentioned here that fallopian tubal factors in infertility accounts for 25-30 per cent of infertility in females. Promimal tubal block represents 10-25 per cent of all tubal diseases. With the help of hysteroscope, one can successfully cannulate the tube and remove the block in most of the cases. So one can avoid costly treatments like test tube baby which is sole treatment in case of tubal problems in infertile patients. 
Prevalence of intra uterine adhesions are increasing in India because of high number of therapeutic and illegal abortions and higher incidence of genital tuberculosis which is also an important cause for infertility and scanty menses or amenorrhoea. Hysteroscopically we can extend the treatment in such cases.

Misplaced copper-T (intrauterine contraceptive device), intrauterine foreign bodies, retained products of conception etc like conditions can be managed by hysteroscopy. Cancer endometrium is the 4th cancer female reproductive system. In suspected patients one can do the hysteroscopically directed biopsy. 
This will be the first of a kind of live operative workshop with two days national conference only on hysteroscopy in India which is supported by world's renowned heytetroscopist Dr Osama Shawki and many eminent faculties of India. Hystetroscopy is becoming third eye of endoscopist because of its rewarding healing touch. The innovative in energy systems, optics, instruments and surgical techniques have simplified the hysteroscope procedures. 'See and Treat' has because the key word for hysteroscopy.
The press conference was attended by Dr Sushma Deshmukh, Dr Sudhir Deshmukh, secretary of Nagpur Ob-Gy Society Dr Manish Baheti, Chairman FOGSI endocopy committee Dr Rajesh Modi, Dr Alka Mukherji and Dr Swati Khandekar. Dr Sushma Deshmukh addressing the press conference on Wednesday at Hotel Centre Point while other doctors on the dais look on.

News Source - Lokmat Times

Nagpur NRHA sets ceiling on commission by hotels to rope in customers

Nagpur Residential Hotels Association (NRHA) held special general body meeting at Hotel Darshan Towers recently to discuss various issues pertaining to hotel industry. 
The meeting was chaired by its president Prakash Trivedi. 
Vice president of NRHA Govind K Mudliar , treasurer, Santosh Gupta, joint secretaries Deepak Pandey and Vinod Joshi were also present on the dais.
Secretary of NRHA Tejinder Singh Renu, informed that in this meeting it was unanimously decided that from now onwards maximum limit of rickshaw tip will be ` 100 per room which means any member who wishes to pay less than ` 100- or doesn"t pay at all, is free to do so.
Renu said, NRHA further resolved that to regulate these two serious issues threatening hotel business, a five members committee has been constituted. The meeting will be headed by Kishore Rai of Hotel Rahul Group. 
Other members of this Committee are Deepak Khurana (Hotel Woodlands), Tarun Motwani (Hotel Dwarka), Swapnil Warambhe (Hotel Sukhkarta) and Gautam Gundecha (Hotel Rangoli). 
Tejinder Singh Renu said, the growing trend of paying rickshaw tip / commission originated from tourist stations and gradually the system was adopted by hotels in business cities to attract new customers. 
Likewise Nagpur adopted this pattern in 1980s, when commission of ` 10 and ` 5 was paid on double and single room respectively. However gradually number of rooms overtook requirements. 
This caused competition and resulted into unprecedented hike in rickshaw tip by many new hoteliers, which now reached alarming figures of ` 800 - 900. 
Similarly another worrisome situation arose as many hotels in the name of guest house, service apartments or similar have mushroomed in residential areas of the city in past 4-5 years and started giving facilities at par with any good hotel and majority of them are doing business without obtaining police licenses, NMC licence, likewise evading luxury tax, service tax, entertainment tax and other similar indirect taxes, thus saving almost 25 per cent cost as compared to licensed hotels causing major business damage and in return also causing major leakage to the government exchequer. 
Among others present in the meeting were Rajan Mulani, Mahesh Trivedi, C K Chaurasia, Vijay Sawarkar, Nitin Trivedi, Subhash Jaiswal, Rishi Tuli, Murtuza Fidvi, Sudhir Jaiswal, Rajesh Dharmik, Anil Walokar, Suddu Vaidya, Girish Motwani, Dhiru Mehta, Gaurishankar Mishra, Rajendra Huda, Pralhad Ramrakhiyani and others.

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Nagpur LBT countdown begins!

Taking a U-turn on local body tax (LBT), Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis on Saturday threw hints about abolishing the tax. Earlier on Sunday. Union minister Nitin Gadkari had announced that LBT would be scrapped. Announcements of both the leaders have given relief to traders. There are 27 days left for abolition of LBT. Traders have demanded that implementation should be quick. 
Various trading organisations had asked former alliance government to levy surcharge on VAT while cancelling LBT. Former chief minister Prithviraj Chavan had turned down this proposal saying that if surcharge on VAT is made, people in semi-urban, tehsils and rural areas will have to pay unnecessary tax. After this, many proposals came. One committee formed by traders in its report said that State has to give ` 13,500 crore every year to municipal corporation. For this, surcharge on VAT should be done, the committee had suggested. 

Alternative to multi-point turnover tax
To increase revenue, now an option of multi point turnover tax has come forward and government is mulling over it. Under this tax system, there would be 0.25 to 0.50 per cent tax on turnover will be charged. Traders will have to submit details of monthly transactions to government which will charge tax on it.

News Source: Nagpur Times

bhandara nagpur Road सड.क पर मृत मिली मादा तेंदुआ

तेज रफ्तार रेती भरे ट्रक ने उड.ाया
भंडारा । 25 नवंबर
 सुबह के समय तेज रफ्तार से जा रहे रेती के ट्रक की चपेट में आने से सड.क पार कर रही मादा तेंदुए की जगह पर ही मौत हो गई. यह घटना भंडारा वनपरिक्षेत्र के तहत आने वाले बेरोडी गांव के समीप मंगलवार को सुबह प्रकाश में आई. इसके बाद वन विभाग ने मादा तेंदुए को टक्कर मारने वाले ट्रक की तलाश के लिए मुहिम तेज कर दी है. 
बेरोडी के निकट सड.क पर मृत पाई गई मादा तेंदुए की उम्र डेढ. से दो वर्ष बताई गई है. जानकारी मिलते ही वनक्षेत्राधिकारी पी.एल. वरखडे. मौके पर पहुंच गए. इसके बाद तेंदुए का शव वन विभाग के गडेगांव डिपो पहुंचाया गया, जहां पशुचिकित्सा अधिकारी डॉ. गुणवंत भड.के ने शव का पोस्टमार्टम किया. इसके बाद गडेगांव डिपो परिसर में ही उसका अंतिम संस्कार कर दिया गया. 
इस बारे में वनक्षेत्राधिकारी वरखडे. ने जानकारी देते हुए बताया कि बेरोडी वनक्षेत्र में विगत पांच-छह दिनों पूर्व उक्त मादा तेंदुआ मुक्त विचरण करती दिखाई दी थी. उससे किसी को हानि न पहुंचे, इसके लिए वनरक्षकों की एक टीम गश्त के लिए तैनात की गई थी. 
इसी बीच आज सुबह 5 बजे सड.क पार करते समय मादा तेंदुआ को तेज रफ्तार से आ रहे रेती के ट्रक ने जोरदार टक्कर मार दी, जिसमें उसकी जगह पर ही मौत हो गई. इसके बाद बीटरक्षक पी.बी. ढोके ने वरिष्ठ अधिकारियों को घटना की जानकारी दी. जिला उपवनसंरक्षक विनय ठाकरे, सहायक वनसंरक्षक यू.टी. बिसेन ने भी मौके पर पहुंचकर घटना का जायजा लिया. 
बताया गया कि जिस बेरोडी गांव के निकट यह घटना हुई, वह भंडारा-खमारी मार्ग पर स्थित है. इसी परिसर में खमारी रेती घाट से रेती का परिवहन धड.ल्ले से जारी होने की खबरें हैं. रेती भरे ट्रक दिन-रात तेज रफ्तार से गुजरते हैं. मंगलवार को हुई घटना भी तेज रफ्तार से जा रहे रेती के ट्रक के कारण हुई. वन विभाग के सूत्रों ने बताया कि मादा तेंदुए को टक्कर मारने वाले ट्रक की तलाश शुरू की गई है. बेरोडी गांव के पास ट्रक की टक्कर से मृत मादा तेंदुआ.

Nagpur Metro Route Video

Watch Nagpur Metro Route Video

Nagpur Metro is a proposed rapid transit system for the city of Nagpur, India. It is estimated to cost INR86.80 billion (US$1.4 billion). In February 2014, the Government of Maharashtra gave approval for the Metro Project,while Government of India's Ministry of Urban Development has given "In Principle" approval for the Project.On 20 August 2014, Union Cabinet gave approval for the development of project, and PM Narendra Modi laid foundation stone on 21 August on his visit to city.[2]

To execute the project, the Cabinet approved setting up of Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation Limited which will be set up as a 50:50 jointly owned company of the Government of India and the Government of Maharashtra. While Urban Development Secretary will be the Chairman of that corporation, the Managing Director will be nominated by the Maharashtra government. The company will have 10 nominee Directors on its Board. These would be five nominees of the Government of India and five nominees of the Government of Maharashtra.

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Nagpur Mihan 4.39 Unit

Nagpur Mihan 4.39 Unit

४.३९ रुपये प्रति युनिट दर
मिहानमधील उद्योगांना अखंड वीजपुरवठा

Within 1 month LBT will be close

Within 1 month LBT will be close

Salman Sister Arpita-Aayush's wedding reception

Salman Sister Arpita-Aayush's wedding reception

After a grand wedding in Hyderabad, Salman Khan's sister Arpita Khan and her husband Ayush Sharma were back in Mumbai for a mega reception at the Taj Lands End hotel on Friday.

Salman and the entire Khan-daan were in attendance, along with their filmi friends, to bless the newlyweds.

Check out the star arrivals:


Nagpur Govt abolishing LBT till replacement is found Good News for Businessman

Good News for Businessman: Govt abolishing LBT till replacement is found

NAGPUR/MUMBAI: In a clear admission that it cannot scrap the Local Body Tax (LBT) or octroi, chief minister Devendra Fadnavis on Thursday issued directives for an alternative to be found to the existing tax collection mechanism. This left local BJP leaders struggling to find ways to explain how the BJP was not going back on a major electoral promise.

Finance minister Sudhir Mungantiwar told newspersons that LBT could go only when the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime came into force. A similar stand had been taken by former chief minister Prithviraj Chavan.

In a press release, the chief minister's office said the government was committed to scrapping LBT but cannot do so till an alternative revenue stream is found for various municipal corporations. Fadnavis held a meeting on Thursday with municipal commissioners from across the state at the Sahyadri state guesthouse to discuss the LBT issue.

Mitesh Modi, action-committee member, Federation of Associations of Maharashtra (FAM), said it seemed like a delaying tactic but traders were willing to give the new government reasonable time to find a solution. "We are in favour of the recommendation made by the Maharashtra Economic Development Council for a surcharge on the Value Added Tax (VAT). We will not offer any alternative solutions to the government. Let it come up with one that is favourable to traders,'' he said.

Alleging that the BJP stood exposed, former minister Nitin Raut told TOI the CM had failed to fulfil his commitment. "Fadnavis had assured on the floor of the house that they would abolish LBT immediately after government formation. But the BJP government will not abolish LBT as it is ruling at most of the municipal corporations. Revenue will be affected to a great extent if LBT and octroi are abolished. Civic bodies will have to adopt cess system, which would result in more revenue deficit. Our government also took the decision to abolish LBT, but could not implement it due to lack of alternative taxation system," he said.

Raut added that GST was a good option to replace LBT but there is no guarantee of its implementation by the central government. "UPA government had proposed to introduce GST but it was strongly opposed by BJP-ruled state governments," he said.

Raut also said the BJP government will also fail to fulfil the promise of separate statehood to Vidarbha. "There is a huge difference in making statements and implementing them," he said.

Mayor Pravin Datke said the BJP government has not said that LBT will continue till introduction of GST. "BJP is committed to abolish LBT. We will abolish it with the help of traders. Government said that more study is required to finalize new system in place of LBT. I will once again make a demand with the CM on behalf of the city," he said.

Accusing the BJP of forgetting its commitment, BSP group leader at NMC Kishor Gajbhiye said the government should immediately abolish LBT and also sanction compensation for revenue loss. "Revenue from LBT had just started to increase in the current fiscal. Traders stopped paying LBT after the BJP assured to abolish it. NMC is facing revenue loss of Rs 25 crore per month. Government should release Rs 25 crore per month to NMC," he said.

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Nagpur Aviation minister to visit MIHAN Boeing MRO project

NAGPUR: The Boeing maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) depot is completely ready and could become operational in a month or so. Aviation minister Ashok Gajpathy Raju will arrive in the city on Tuesday for a high-level meeting with Air India officials to review progress of the Rs 800 crore facility coming up as part of MIHAN. This MRO is billed to be the most modern in Asia and save huge foreign exchange and time for Indian airlines operators. The MRO is a joint venture between Boeing and Air India with 49:51 stakes.

The two big hangars 100X200 metres each are ready, and were built by infrastructure giant L&T. Two Boeing 747 aircraft can be accommodated and overhauled at a time at these hangars. Such a MRO facility was not available in the country and planes had to be sent to Boeing's Seattle headquarters in the US or to the MRO that has come up in China.

The Nagpur MRO will have state of the art machinery and technology. Now, not only Indian operators but airless from other Asia countries can use this facility, saving precious time and foreign exchange. As many as 130 Boeing planes operate in the country and an equal number in nearby Asian countries, which can be potential clients at the Nagpur MRO.

The then aviation minister Praful Patel had negotiated with Boeing in 2004-05 for the MRO as part of a large deal with the aircraft major for supply of new planes. But the project took a long time to take off, since first the land allotment was delayed and then the crucial taxiway connection, while Boeing took its own time to construct the facility.

The Maharashtra Airports Development Corporation (MADC), which is executing Mihan project, is confident that the 2.5km taxiway connecting the MRO with the main runway would be completed in a month. Almost 98% of the work is already done, said a top official of MADC.

Aviation minister Raju will hold a meeting with top Air India officials including chairman and managing director Rohit Nandan and CEO Jagannathan, who are also reaching the city on Tuesday. Raju is expected to land here at 11.55am and proceed for the meeting. MADC officials led by managing director Tanaji Satre will be present.

There is a possibility that other pending issues, like land swap with defence ministry, building of second runway and development of the airport as envisaged in Mihan, would also be discussed at the meeting. The big push to Boeing comes along with IT major TCS completing its building work and likelihood of starting recruitment of 4,000 personnel, mainly software engineers, from next month. These are seen as a big positive for Mihan, which is running at least five years behind schedule.

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Maharashtra CM: Nagpur most suitable for setting up IIM

 Institute of Management Technology,NAGPUR - IMT Nagpur

Institute of Management Technology,NAGPUR - IMT Nagpur
 Nagpur, Nov 11 (PTI) With Vidarbha’s Devendra Fadnavis becoming the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, citizens and various organisations including NGOs in the city are pinning hopes on the new government for all round development of Nagpur, dreaming to get prestigious institutions here.

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM)- Nagpur is one among the many, Vidarbhaites are hoping to get on the educational map here.

Having learnt of the allocation of an IIM for Maharashtra by Ministry Of Human Resource Development, the the Vidarbha Economic Development Council (VED) has urged the government to open it in Nagpur to make it an iconic education hub.

The rationale behind it being that more students would get benefit from quality education at an affordable cost, backward and scheduled classed would get included in the growth mechanism, and there would be balanced overall economic and social development.

Mumbai already has top-ranked JBIMS and the autonomous Narsee Monjee, hence Nagpur, in Vidarbha, is where an IIM should ideally come. Pune too has two institutes in form of University Department and Symboisis, so why not Vidarbha, NGO VED said.

Of the 13 IIMs in the country, some have been set up in small places like Kozhikode (Kerala), Rohtak (Haryana), Tiruchirapalli (TN), Udaipur (Rajasthan) and Kashipur (Uttarakhand).

Nagpur which has several locational advantages over these places, is also the second capital of Maharashtra and hence it too deserves a top notch institute, VED felt.

The only national level institute in Vidarbha is the Institute of Management Technology–Nagpur (IMT), which is 35 kmsaway on Nagpur-Katol road offering PGDM course with sanctioned intake of 360 each year with specialisation in marketing, human resources and information technology.

The advantage Nagpur has is — first its air, rail and road connectivity; and secondly the preference of students from UP, Bihar, Chhattisgarh and Orissa to Nagpur over Pune, because of lesser distance.

Also, between Indore (IIM) and Hyderabad (International School of Business) and IIM (Raipur) there is no other management institute (except IMT, a private B-school). This vacuum can be filled in by setting up of IIM-Nagpur.

The other advantages are: availability of land which is abundant in Nagpur, strong alumni of IIM-A based in Nagpur, supported by specialists in field of IT, production, and IT companies doing well in Nagpur, it said.

Another biggest advantage of Nagpur is presence of major public sector companies such as Western Coalfields Limited (WCL), Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited (MECL), Manganese Ore India Limited, CICR besides training institutes of international/national repute such as NADT (National Academy of Direct Taxes), NADP (National Academy of Defence Production) on the management development program front.

IIM-Nagpur can do extremely well because entry to public sector is relatively easy, the VED strongly justified.

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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Nagpur MIHAN on fast track: Power to Mihan at Rs 4.38/unit

Taking cognizance of the difficulties faced by industries in Mihan, Maharashtra Electricity Regulatory Commission (MERC) has accepted Maharashtra Airport Development Company's (MADC's) proposal to supply power at Rs 4.386 per unit. This is the average rate and the tariff for industries and commercial establishment will be different. It will be approved in the coming days.

In an interim order, MERC has stated MADC could buy power from electricity exchanges or float tenders to buy power from generation companies. The request for deviation in competitive bidding guidelines has been allowed. MERC is a quasi-judicial body and its approval is required for any electricity related issue in the state.

Significantly, MSEDCL has been directed to provide standby support to MADC for meeting contingencies, if any. Mahatransco and load dispatch centre too have been directed to facilitate MADC in supplying power to consumers to Mihan. Last week, MERC had rejected MADC's petition and asked it to file a fresh one on Monday. However, MADC pleaded this would take time and the consumers of Mihan would suffer unnecessarily.

As on date, MADC's tariff is lower than that of MSEDCL. In case it increases, the maximum tariff would be equal to that of MSEDCL for that particular category. MADC cannot increase its tariff beyond MSEDCL tariff.

Meanwhile, AMNEPL - the joint venture of Abhijeet Group and MADC - is yet to file its petition for determination of charges for use of its transmission network. Once it is filed and charges are determined by the Commission, MADC will have to pay it to AMNEPL. MADC has been directed to submit its plan to deal with such charges.

Welcoming the order, RB Goenka of Vidarbha Industries Association (VIA) said that to protect the interests of consumers in Mihan, a commercial agreement between MSEDCL and MADC was necessary. "In case MADC falls short of power on any given day, MSEDCL will have to supply it. Similarly, if MADC buys excess power MSEDCL should buy it. Otherwise, the cost of overdrawal and underdrawal will be loaded on the consumers," he said adding that he had apprised chief minister Devendra Fadnavis of this aspect on Wednesday evening.
Nagpur MIHAN

Fadnavis had said on Sunday that Mihan units would get power at the rate of Rs 4.30 per unit within two to three days. He has kept his promise. MADC had signed an agreement in 2007 with Abhijeet Group for supplying power to Mihan at Rs 2.97 per unit. When the time came to actually supply the power, Abhijeet said it was unable to secure coal linkage for its 240 MW plant and hence could not supply power at such a low rate. This led to litigation and Abhijeet sued MADC seeking Rs 1,800 crore damages.

MERC has asked MADC to file its submission regarding status of the agreement. MADC should also update the Commission within six months about its plan to meet the obligation as distribution licencee. The detailed tariff would be issued subsequently.

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Green bus service for nagpur citizens 2014

Nagpur gets India's first ethanol-run bus

Launching India's first ethanol-run bus in the city on a pilot basis, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has said that a Bill to make provision for running vehicles on bio-fuels and hybrid electric would be tabled in the Parliament in the next session.

Gadkari also said that the country can reduce petrol, diesel and gas imports by at least Rs two lakh crore annually by using alternative fuels.

During the launch on Friday, the Union Minister for Road Transport, Highways and Shipping said the Centre would provide 200-500 ethanol-run buses to Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) under the 'Green Bus' project.

Green bus run from Samvidhan Square to Khapri in two shifts. The bus will make 14 trips in a day which are 8 in morning shift and 6 in evening shift. This bus will have ten stoppages which are Samvidhan Square, Variety Square, Panchasheel Square, Rahate Colony, Chhatrapati Square, Somalwada, Airport, Chinchbhavan and Khapri.

The fare of this bus will be ` 10 for first 2 km to 4 km (` 5 for minor children), ` 11 for 6 km, ` 13 for 8 km, ` 15 for 10 km, ` 21 for 12 km and 18 km, and ` 25 for 16 km distance (` 13 for minor children).

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Nagpur Metro Rail Local Station

Corridor 1 (North-South): Automotive Square - Mihan
Route Length - 19.658 kilometers
Number of Stations - All Elevated except Airport to MIHAN City route
Link to other Corridors - At Munje Square

1Automotive SquareElevated
2Nari RoadElevated
4Kadbi SquareElevated
5Gaddigodam SquareElevated
6Kasturchand ParkElevated
7Zero MileElevated
9Congress NagarElevated
10Rahate ColonyElevated
12Dev NagarElevated
13Mayuresh ApartmentElevated
14Shankar NagarElevated
15Old AirportUnderground
16Mihan CityUnderground
17Metro DepotElevated

Corridor 2 (East West): Prajapati Nagar - Lokmanya Nagar
Route Length - 18.557 kilometers
Number of Stations - All Elevated
Link to other Corridors - At Munje Square

1Prajapati NagarElevated
2Vaishno Devi ChowkElevated
3Ambedkar ChowkElevated
4Telephone ExchangeElevated
5Mayo HospitalElevated
6Chitaroli SquareElevated
7Agrasen SquareElevated
8Railway StationElevated
9Netaji MarketElevated
10Jhansi Rani SquareElevated
11Institute of EngineersElevated
12Bank of India, Shankar NagarElevated
13Lad SquareElevated
14Dharampeth Science CollegeElevated
15Subhash NagarElevated
16Rachana ApartmentElevated
17Vasudev NagarElevated
18Bansi NagarElevated
19Lokmanya Nagar, DepotElevated

Nagpur Metro Rail Project - MAP

With the Nagpur Metro Rail Project receiving clearance from the Union Cabinet on Wednesday, August 20, 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is scheduled to lay the foundation stone of the project today (August 21, 2014). The project, being set up with the objective to reduce the traffic congestion in the urban parts of the city, is expected to be completed by December 2016. The Nagpur metro network has been designed to enhance the city's transportation system, and thereby, help in the fast development of the 13th largest city of the country.

he Nagpur metro rail network will be spread across a length of about 38.21 km. It will be functional on two corridors, namely the North-South Corridor and the East-West Corridor. The 19.65 km long North-South Corridor will be running from Automotive Square to MIHAN, while the East-West Corridor which is 18.55 km in length will be constructed from Prajapati Nagar to Lokmanya Nagar. Total number of stations on Corridor No. 1 and Corridor No. 2 would be 17 and 19, respectively.

As per the project estimates, Rs 8,680 crore will be invested in the Nagpur Metro Rail Project, out of which Rs 1,555 crore will be contributed by the Government of India. The Government of India will contribute financially to the project in the form of subordinate debt and equity. Also, the project will receive financial support from the Nagpur Improvement Trust, the City and Industrial Development Corporation, Maharashtra Airport Development Company, Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation and the Nagpur Municipal Corporation.

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Friday, 14 November 2014

Nagpur University 2014 Winter B.C.A 1st Sem Revised ( New ) Time Table

Day   //   Date    //   S U B J E C T    //    Paper
 TIME : - 9.30 A.M. To 12.30 P.M.

Wednesday   //    03-12-2014   //    Compulsory English.
Friday    //   05-12-2014    //   Suppl. English/ Urdu/ Sanskrit
Marathi OR Hindi.
Monday    //   08-12-2014   //    Computer Fundamental I
Wednesday    //   10-12-2014    //   C Programming II
Friday    //   12-12-2014    //   Statistical Methods III
Monday    //   15-12-2014   //    Discrete Mathematics IV
Wednesday    //   17-12-2014    //   Operating Systems V
Friday    //   19-12-2014    //   Office Automation VI

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