Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Ravi And Ritu Shastri Nagpur

Nagpur Sports News: The marriage of Ravi Shastri Former cricketer turned commentator is heading towards a divorce. Ravi Shastri and his wife Ritu are ending their marriage according to our reports. The reason behind this decision is merely because of a tiff that the couple had recently had that forced Ravi to take this step.

Ravi Shastri who turned 50 in May has already filed for a divorce thus ending their 22 year old marriage from which they have a 4 year old daughter Alka. It is also noticed that Ravi has left his Worli house and shifted elsewhere. Ritu on the other hand who comes from an Army family was a good dancer but left everything after her marriage to Ravi.

Has someone entered Ravi’s Life? This question keeps coming to our mind whenever we hear  the interview of Ravi’s mother Laxmi as her interview gave us hints of a third person entering Ravi’s life.

During the interview in one such statement she said that Ravi has a number of fans and that made us wonder whether anything is cooking in Ravi’s life. In another statement she said that she receives lots of letters from fans and in one such case they even considered a proposal for Ravi but in turn Ravi said that he is in touch with a girl, which later happened to be is would be Wife Ritu.

A person with such a FAN base would definitely attract a lot of attention and after this incident it would be more. Only time can tell what is the actual side of the story till then we have to just wait and watch.

News: http://www.nagpurtoday.in/its-splitsville-for-ravi-and-ritu-shastri/

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